Picnic Spot Near Pune / Mumbai/Lonavala


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Rajesh Argade : I visited this great picnic spot by seeing such great reviews on this site and believe me its a good 1 day picnic spot to chill out  in nature and lot of activities to enjoy. I so envied the lifestyle Mr Yelakar is living :)…. Thanks to his daughters Shravani and Shalmali who made the kids in our family so comfortable. My nephew still remembers her name by seeing the photos we took with them :)his farm is great …the small water pool with the Kayak and paddle boat is great  for couple of hours to njoy. We have nearby bedse caves and PAvana dam for more fun..!!Overall a great place to visit for families and kids to njoy the serene beauty in Pavana nagar, kamshet.

Varsha Athalye : Pavana Huts is very awesome picnic place to visit specially for the pond and slides. My 78 Years old Aajji and my 2 years old son both were enjoying equally. It was like having pool party in your own courtyard. The food was excellent. It was “Food with Sadashiv Peth Touch “as described by Mr. Yelakar. Special Thanks Mr. Prasad Yelakar’s Mother for making our kids comfortable and taking care of their food…Pavana Huts…A Family Destination!!!

Raj Mehta : Pavna Hutss..cool place to enjoy a trip, one must go to this place as it’s just like you have reached to a new and different place never seen before..FOOD..waah waah!!! maja aagaya :) delicious ..owner( Mr Prasad ) guided us about the speciality of their area n many things..pond soo cool with slides n boats. If given a chance to choose a picnic spot it would 100% be pavna hutts because its rockkz  !m! hipp hipp hurrey!!


One thought on “Picnic Spot Near Pune / Mumbai/Lonavala

  1. Excellent commitment of the owner family to look after the guests. Food is delightful, the services are basic but we’ll maintained.
    Would revisit with family and friends.
    Ramnik Shah, Mumbai

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